Classical Yoga Nidra Training

Classical Yoga Nidra Training


Classical Yoga Nidra is a relaxation practice and as such is in high demand in society today. However, it’s effects go much deeper than simple relaxation. Classical Yoga Nidra is able to access the deep unconscious mind to create profound change in our internal beliefs and in our habits. The practice can be used to resolve addictions and generally create a positive change in one’s mental state.

There are many types of relaxation practices on offer that have been adapted from Classical Yoga Nidra. However, it is only by adhering to the correct formula of the classical practice that the deeper results can be assured.

Would you like to include the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra amongst your offerings to students, but are not confident enough to begin?

Flo Fenton was trained in Classical Yoga Nidra by the Satyananda Academy in the early 2000’s and has been teaching it regularly for over 20 years to students, and also on teacher trainings.

This course has been designed after many years of hearing trainees’ doubts, fears, confusions and questions over what is OK and not OK to include in the practice, how the practice should be delivered and more.

During this course you will be given all the classical ‘rules’ of Yoga Nidra, and have many questions clearly answered, such as:

  • What steps are essential, and which are non-essential?
  • What order do the steps need to go in?
  • How long should the practice be for optimum results?
  • What steps do we need to take to ensure that the practice is safe for trauma survivors and those with mental health issues?

The course is delivered as a combination of power-point presentation delivered by Flo (this can be attended live online, or by recorded session) followed by practical assignments to create your own Yoga Nidras. These will be marked and assessed by Flo individually, with feedback and suggestions given. Then, you get to practice teaching your Yoga Nidras live (online or face to face) to Flo, and will again receive individual feedback on your voice quality, speed of instructions, clarity, audibility etc.

The whole training including your study time will take about 10-15 hours. (10 CPD points accrued). Face to face time is about 5 hours.

You can do the course in as little as 3 weeks or spread it out over 3 months.

You can arrange your own start time.

After this training you will be very confident in teaching this important practice and will be able to add it to your repertoire!

Artist: Alex Gray


Stage 1:
Online Introductory Session “How to Teach Classical Yoga Nidra”
Purchase via Online Workshops page

Stage 2:
Homework Assignment-design and submit a 20 minute Yoga Nidra suitable for beginners, including only the essential stages.

Stage 3:
Practical assessment-teach your prepared Yoga Nidra and receive my feedback, one hour or a little less (can be face to face or via zoom).

Stage 4:
Homework assignment-design and submit a 35-45 minute Yoga Nidra for experienced practitioners with all of the stages.

Stage 5:
Practical assessment-teach your prepared Yoga Nidra and receive my feedback (can be face to face or via zoom).

Cost & Bookings

$40 for the Online Introductory Session
$710 for the remainder of the training.
$375 deposit on booking.
Remainder payable at Stage 2 commencement.

There is a pre-requisite that you must have completed a minimum 200 hours registered yoga teacher training.

Bookings can be made by completing the Registration Form.

Classical Yoga Nidra Training Registration Form

Dear students, for the safety and maximum benefit of yourself and others please answer the following questions briefly but honestly. Many thanks.

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