Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes


Looking for a deeper and more intergrated experience in an online yoga practice? In these multi-level vinyasa classes, we focus on incorporating mantra, pranayama and meditation practice as well as progressing (within our ability) in asana practice. Each course has a different focus or goal, and each practice gives options for different levels and abilities to participate at their own pace.

Flo’s focus is on tuning into the breath, combining breath and movement, working without strain, and gradually building ease of movement and strength through correct technique. This approach greatly enhances the benefits of the practice, providing not just better health, but a deepened state of self-awareness, and peace of mind whilst also avoiding injury.
Because Flo’s expertise lies in paring back the unnecessary additions that are often added to the practice, you will understand the true foundation of each technique offered, and be encouraged to practice within your comfortable ability.

After each live online class, you will receive a high quality, edited recording of the practice which you can use multiple times during the duration of the course, and for two weeks after.

Suggested Equipment:

  • 3 x wool blankets (or thick towels)
  • Bolster (or cushion or pillow)
  • Block (or two thick books)
  • Strap (or belt)
  • Yoga mat.

Class Schedule

These classes suit practitioners who have been attending classes consistently for a minimum of 1 year.
Tuesdays 5.30-7pm AEST

(NOTE-Daylight savings in NSW ended 7th April).

April 16th-May 21st 2024

Finding Focus

Throughout this course, we will work on our mental focus through developing a meditation practice. We will use our asana, as it was intended, as a way of preparing to sit. Each class will contain a simple basic mixed yoga asana practice followed by a seated meditation, finishing with a yoga nidra/relaxation practice.

We will start with short sitting meditation sessions and gradually build.

We will begin with a meditation on the stillness of the body or Kaya Sthairyam, and progress towards a meditation on the stillness of the mind, Antar Mouna. These meditations are from the Satyananda Yoga tradition and help to gradually clear and focus the mind in a gentle and progressive way.

Yoga Nidra is sometimes called psychic sleep and is much more than a simple relaxatio practice. It goes deep into the sub conscious and helps direct our focus towards healing and transformation on all levels.

This course will contain low to medium intensity practices, with some flowing vinyasa style asana sequences to mobilise and awaken the body. Pranayama, and some chanting will also be included.

You can join the class live online, or receive the recorded practice to enjoy in your own time, or both!

Cost & Bookings

6 weeks total cost – $120 (direct deposit)

6 weeks total cost-$123.00 (Paypal)

$21 per class drop in rate (direct deposit)

$22 per class drop in rate (Paypal)

Concession Rate:
concession for 6 weeks course (direct deposit)

$111.00 concession for 6 weeks course (Paypal)

$19 per class concession drop in rate (direct deposit)

$20.00 per class concession drop in rate (Paypal)


Bookings can by made by calling or texting Flo on 0418 441 437 or contact Flo via EMAIL.
Or alternatively, you can book online.

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