Yoga for Graceful Aging
Yoga and The Shoulder Joint – Mobility- Part 1

Two healthy new ways with Avocados!

Here are two healthy new recipes with avocados!

I don’t think I really need to rave about avocados as I don’t know anyone in my life who doesn’t like them. They also don’t really need any advertising nor any recipe ideas as they are just perfectly perfect cut up in a salad or spread on toast or of course made into their native home’s famous dip guacamole.

However these two recipes I choose to share with you below are wonderful ways of using avocado that you may not have thought of. As most people know avocados are a fruit and actually classified as a berry. They are related to the cinnamon, camphor and bay laurel family. They contain good oils, have no cholesterol are packed with vitamin C, contain a small amount of iron and have a good quantity of calcium. In addition they contain a good amount of folate which supposedly prevents heart disease. Avocado does have a small amount of protein. Approximately 2 g protein per 100 g of avocado. In Paul Pitchford’s Healing with Whole Foods he suggests that avocado is rich in copper which is good for red blood cells and that it can be used in a remedy for healing ulcers and as I am sure many of you know is wonderful for the skin. So maybe we could say an avocado a day could keep the doctor away, two avocados a day is pure luxury indeed and 3 avocados a day is just plain greedy!!!!

I suggest only eating avocado in season and obtain organic avocados from local growers where possible – I know people in the southern states of Australia will have a shorter season of avocados but it really is worth getting them fresh.

Hope you enjoy the following recipes!

Mashed Sweet Potato with Avocado

For a vegan option add a splash of olive or avocado oil to your sweet potato and mash in 1/2 to 1 avocado as you mash the sweet potato ? this gives it a nice smooth flavour and texture.

Marinated Kale Salad and Avocado

1 bunch kale (cavolo nero- don?t use the curly variety for this recipe as it is not so easily digested raw)
Juice 1 large lime or half a lemon
1/2 to 1 tsp salt
1 tomato finely diced
2 tbsp hemp seeds

Wash and finely chop the kale- removing the hard stem. Pour on the lime or lemon juice and mix in the salt, Mash the avocado and mix with the kale. Let sit for an hour then mix in the tomato just before serving and garnish with hemp seeds.

Yoga for Graceful Aging
Yoga and The Shoulder Joint – Mobility- Part 1

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