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With over 30 years of practice, 25 years teaching, and 12 years of teacher training experience including mentoring, Flo is now a registered mentor with Yoga Australia. Mentoring is a required part of many teacher trainings. You can use these sessions towards the mentoring hours required to complete your Level 1 or 2 registered Yoga Australia teacher training. Or, as a post graduate student, deepen your expertise, answer questions, and gain required CPD points as a registered Yoga Australia teacher.


I specialise in;

  • Teaching of asana in intelligent steps-modifying asanas, use of props, adjusting skills
  • Teaching of pranayama-progression, working with prana in asana, pranayama practice yoga as therapy
  • Meditation techniques Yoga Nidra-practice, mantra practice
  • I am happy to do either open or curriculum-based sessions.

Mentoring sessions can take many forms;

  • Small group classes are offered to Post Graduate students in which we practice together, enhance our asana and pranayama, refresh our prop use and teaching techniques, and afterwards discuss the practice with time for questions.
  • Private sessions of a practical nature which can focus on anything that you are having difficulty with in teaching or in practice
  • Private sessions (face to face or via phone or email) which may be simply to ask questions and receive ideas about any issues that may have come up as a teacher
  • Assisting in classes or on retreats where you get ‘on the job’ training.


Small group classes for Post Graduate students. Refresh your practice , enhance your asana and pranayama, revise your prop use and teaching techniques, and afterwards discuss the practice, and any other issues coming up regarding teaching and/or practice!

Wednesdays 8.30am-11.45am

Bookings are required. Please email to find out the next available session time.

Suffolk Park -address supplied on request.

Cost-$35.00 in person

$25.00- Live online or receive recorded practice and discussion after the event.

Next Post Graduate Session is;

Wednesday August 24th, 8.30am-11.45am.

Awakening the Koshas 1-Annamaya Kosha

The Pancha Kosha

Pancha = five. Kosha= layer/sheath/dimension.

According to the Vedas, human beings are not just composed of a physical body and the more ephemeral realm of ‘mind’ or consciousness. Instead, there are five clear and distinct layers or ‘koshas’. Each kosha (literally sheath or dimension) represents a dimension of human existence or experience.

The pancha kosha provide us with a model with which to understand human experience. The koshas each represent a level of experience or existence, proceeding from subtle to ever more gross; they are like a map for understanding our experiences, and for finding the subtler layers of experience.

They are also a microcosmic representation of all that is manifest in the universe. Everything that is manifest exists on similar levels and layers of reality. (This is how yoga can enable us to work within the microcosm of our beings to understand universal truths.)

Each of the five layers covers and obscures the more subtle level of awareness and existence that is beneath. These five levels span the spectrum of human nature and experience. They provide a model for human development and growth.

Annamaya Kosha: The Physical Layer.

Anna= food; literally, the food body, signifying that we build our material body out of what we eat.

The purely physical body, material existence.

In yogic lifestyle we try to care for the body on all levels (adequate and good quality water, food, air, sleep, exercise and rest) so that it gives us joy, and allows us to go in deeper without distractions that come from physical disease and pain.

In our practice, we will try to deeply listen to what the body is telling us and respond. Noticing areas of stiffness, heaviness, soreness or lightness, ease and comfortability, we will work with asana and breath to bring balance and stability, combined with softness and ease. This is the meaning of “Sthira Sukkha” that Patanjali talks about as the quality looked for in all asana.


  • Private practical face to face sessions-$100.00 per hour, 1 hour minimum
  • Private discussion sessions-$100.00 per hour face to face or $60.00 per hour by telephone or email (half an hour minimum charged).
  • Assisting in classes or on retreats-$30.00 per hour
  • Small group Post Graduate Practice and Discussion sessions-$35.00 per 3.5 hour session in person or $25.00 live stream or recorded class.
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Beachside Suffolk Park-address supplied on booking.

Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
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Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton