Do you wish you could upgrade your teaching skills, yoga therapy skills, or simply understand the aspects of yoga more deeply, but don’t have the time or funds for embarking on a teacher training? Then this workshop series is for you!

These workshop are useful for all practitioners, yoga therapists and teachers alike to enhance both personal practice and teaching skills.

With each workshop, you will receive:

  • An edited recording of the workshop to download
  • A copy of the power-point notes
  • A CPD certificate for Yoga Australia yoga teachers
  • This workshop allows Yoga Australia members to accrue 2 CPD points per session.

Injury Prevention and Management In Yoga


After purchase, you will receive a link and password to stream or download this video to use as many times as you like.

2 hours.

What do you do if a student comes to class with an injury? Is it different if it is long term, as opposed to recent? What can we offer as teachers (or do ourselves as practitioners) to not only avoid aggravating, but to support and enhance the healing process at any stage of injury?

Flo Fenton will provide clear tools on how to:

  • Identify the stage of an injury
  • Work within each stage with static or dynamic, weight bearing or non weight bearing postures
  • Break down key postures to suit each stage
  • Construct step by step sequences to progress towards full functionality.