Live Online Workshops

Live Online Workshops


This live online workshop can be attended as a stand alone session, and accrues 2CPD points for Yoga Australia teachers. However it also forms the essential introduction to the more in depth and certificated Classical Yoga Nidra Training.

Classical Yoga Nidra is a relaxation practice and as such is in high demand in society today. However, it’s effects go much deeper than simple relaxation. Classical Yoga Nidra is able to access the deep unconscious mind to create profound change in our internal beliefs and in our habits. The practice can be used to resolve addictions and generally create a positive change in one’s mental state.

There are many types of relaxation practices on offer that have been adapted from Classical Yoga Nidra. However, it is only by adhering to the correct formula of the classical practice that the deeper results can be assured.

Would you like to include the deeply healing practice of Yoga Nidra amongst your offerings to students, but are not confident enough to begin?

Flo Fenton was trained in Classical Yoga Nidra by the Satyananda Academy in the early 2000’s and has been teaching it regularly for over 20 years to students, and also on teacher trainings.

This course has been designed after many years of hearing trainees’ doubts, fears, confusions and questions over what is OK and not OK to include in the practice, how the practice should be delivered and more.

During this course you will be given all the classical ‘rules’ of Yoga Nidra, and have many questions clearly answered, such as:

  • What steps are essential, and which are non-essential?
  • What order do the steps need to go in?
  • How long should the practice be for optimum results?
  • What steps do we need to take to ensure that the practice is safe for trauma survivors and those with mental health issues?


Saturday September 30, 2-4pm.

Cost & Bookings

$35 for the Live Online Introductory Session (or for the recorded session if you can’t attend live.)

Register through Eventbrite.


“My partner and myself have been coming for over 5 years for a weekly session as private students. We find it a fabulous way to keep fit, improve flexibility and body balance, and take time out for oursleves from our busy work and familiy lives. Plus, over the years, we have both gradually progressed to become intermediate to advanced practitioners!”

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