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Interested in yoga teacher training, but not sure how to choose which one? Flo Fenton talks on a podcast for ‘Changing the Face of Yoga’ about the current standards, accreditation and ethical issues behind yoga teacher trainings, and highlights what questions you should be asking and what research you should be doing when making this important and life changing choice.

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January 5th – 31st 2020 (There is no intensive planned for 2019 as Flo will be in India for all of Janaury.)

Call me on 0418 441 437 or 02 66 85 99 10 to discuss!

Course founder and main teacher Flo Fenton of Australian Yoga Life Magazine.

The intensive yoga teacher training will be presented in a one month intensive format.

NB: Early Bird discount of $100.00 for deposits paid before end of May 2017. Applications close end of November 2017.

This format allows for a total immersion into the world of yoga and spirituality, surrounding oneself with those dedicated to a spiritual path, and with the quiet sounds of the ocean. As we peel away the mundane elements of our day-to-day existence, and let go of our usual responsibilities, our journey becomes a special time of deep personal insight and healing a once in a life-time experience of growth and change.

All Yoga Teacher Training are not equal! If you place a high value on authenticity, depth of knowledge, and maintaining the ancient tradition and culture of yoga to gain and impart all of its benefits, not just at the level of the body but beyond, this training could be the one you’ve been searching for. Flo Fenton has a vast array of skills and depth of knowledge gained over thousands of hours of training with the giants of yoga, and 20 years of teaching experience. Intouch Yoga Teacher Training will teach you how to work with yoga not just as a physical exercise, but as it was intended, as a way of accessing prana, the life force. This approach enables you to fine tune not just your own practice, but to make your teaching accessible, beneficial and unique to each individual student.

Intouch Yoga Teacher Trainings are intimate and personal boutique trainings with numbers less than 16 students. This  provides for what Intouch Yoga believes are essential opportunities to ask questions, and receive personalised instruction during the training, as well as allowing for plenty of time for each student to  practice class teaching. By the end of each training, you will have taught at least one (and usually several) full supervised classes with feedback.


This is an intensive, immersion style format yoga teacher training.
Training days are Mondays to Friday from 7.30am-5.30pm and Saturdays 1.30-5.30pm.


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Yoga Training Flo Fenton

The venue for this yoga teacher training is the clean, modern and spacious, newly built Lennox Head Cultural and Community Centre.

Lennox Head is a gorgeous seaside town 15 minutes from Byron Bay. The Community Centre is a modern facility within easy reach of restaurants and cafes, and very close to the beach. All equipment is provided by Intouch Yoga.

Accommodation is not included in the cost of this training. There are many options on Airbnb and several affordable motels in Lennox Head. The Santa Fe Motel is almost directly opposite the venue.

Intouch Yoga with Flo Fenton


Costs are $3850.00. This includes set texts and manual.

EARLY BIRD cost $3750.00. This price is applicable if you book and pay your deposit before end of May 2017.


A deposit of $950.00 is required to book. Remaining fees to be paid by November 2nd 2017. If fees are not settled by these dates, your place will be offered to someone else, unless special arrangements are made. Once the deposit is paid, $350.00 of it is non-refundable. Withdrawal from the course prior to November 2nd 2017 forfeits $350.00 booking fee only. Withdrawal after November 2nd 2017 is considered withdrawal after course commencement, and full fees are due, and are non-refundable BOOKINGS MADE AFTER NOVEMBER 2nd 2017 REQUIRE FULL PAYMENT OF FEES ON BOOKING

Intouch Yoga reserves the right to cancel events with two weeks prior notice due to unforseen circumstances or illness and is not liable for costs incurred.

Intouch Yoga strongly advises purchase of travel insurance to cover costs in case of cancellation.



There is a pre-requisite of a minimum of two years prior yoga experience and practice, plus proficiency in English both oral and written in order to be eligible to apply.


  • ‘Intouch Yoga Level 1 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Manual’ – Flo Fenton
  • ‘The Heart of Yoga’ -Desikachar
  • ‘Anatomy and Asana: Preventing Yoga Injuries’ – Susi Hately Aldous

These texts will be available for you on arrival, unless you wish to pre-order them yourself. Please let us know if you already have any of the required texts.


This yoga teacher training is approved by Yoga Alliance as meeting International standards for a Level 1 (minimum 200 Hours) teacher training.

Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Standards
As a graduate of this accredited yoga teacher training, you will be eligible to become a registered yoga teacher and be eligible to teach and be insured as a yoga teacher. This means that you will be listed with Yoga Alliance International as meeting the required International standards of a Level 1 Yoga Teacher.

To become a Level 2 Yoga Teacher, another 300 hours of training are required, and 100 hours of teaching experience after that in order to become a registered Level 2 Yoga Teacher. However, you will be able to teach and get public liability insurance for your own classes with the 200 hour Level 1 training certificate.

For information about Yoga Alliance and its standards, go to Yoga Alliance.


Practical Techniques The training will include daily dedicated meditation, pranayama and flowing vinyasa asana practice with a firm foundation of awareness of alignment in the postures, and the connection between the body, the breath, and the state of mind. We will cultivate the witness within, and work at all times with an attitude of honesty and genuine self inquiry. The practice will be a fusion of hatha, vinysa and kriya yoga, that brings awareness to both the dynamic and the subtle sides of our being. (Therapeutic Vinyasa yoga). The asana practice will be strong and dynamic, but with a focus on finding our own safe and beneficial level within the practice. Mantra, mudra and bandha will be practised, as well as the hatha yogic cleansing practices (shatkarmas). Yoga for Special Needs

Prop-use, Alignment and Adjusting Skills We will cover a thorough grounding in understanding how yoga works on the body-mind complex. There will be many classes dedicated to fine-tuning our understanding of each pose within the major asana groups, practicing alignment skills, prop work and modifications, and the skills of both verbal and hands-on adjusting.

Sequences for Special Needs As well as detailed analysis of all of the major postures, there will be nine sequences for special needs, as a feature of this training. These sequences work on the common patterns of tightness and weakness, and can be used as supplementary practices to work on specific areas of the body. In this way we gain strength and freedom in the more classical dynamic vinyasa asana practice without injury. For a sneak peak at one of the sequences, see the Teacher Training Overview page.

Teaching Skills and Practice Teaching As well as the specialised classes on prop-use, alignment, and adjusting skills, you will learn to practice adjusting and assisting within a class setting. You will start to practice teaching skills by simply teaching a single posture, and throughout the course will learn the skills of sequencing, voice production and modulation, and the skills of presenting and teaching a class. There will be many hours dedicated to designing your own sequences, and teaching them in pairs and in small groups, giving and receiving feedback from others in the group. By the end of the course you will have achieved the confidence that hours of teaching practice brings.

History and Philosophy of Yoga We will be studying the history of yoga, comparing the major darshanas of Samkhya, Vedanta and Tantra, and look at the branches of yoga and understand their key points of difference and their application. We will study the classical text of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, picking out key sutras and applying them to our personal unnderstanding as we develop our journey through yoga. We will touch on the Vedas and Puranas, looking at key principals of understanding that underpin yogic thought and lifestyle. We will also look at the connection between Yoga and Ayurveda.

Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga We will also study anatomy and physiology of hatha yoga: both learning about how the physical body works, and the yogic application of such knowledge, and the understanding of the ‘subtle anatomy’ of the pranamaya kosha: nadis, pranas and chakras. Anatomy and Physiology will be taught as an integral part of the training, in a way that applies our understanding of the body in the yoga asanas to an exploration of the bio-mechanics of each pose. Craig Smith will teach an in-depth understanding of the musculo-skeletal system, and Flo will teach the anatomy and physiology of the digestive, respiratory and cardio-vascular systems as well as the physiology of specific muscles as they come up during asana practice and exploration. Injury Prevention will be taught as a key part of this module, developing and understanding of the dos and donts of yoga asana practice and the long term effects, particularly on joint stability, of certain practices and adjustments.

Voice Production and Modulation When we teach a Yoga class we set the tone and hold the ‘resonance’ with the use of our voice. The language we use, together with the sound of our voice directly impact on our students kinisthetic experience. We can learn how to posture the vocal apparatus to resonate optimally to communicate with clarity & reflect the intention in our hearts when teaching yoga. In the training you will receive ‘An understanding of the anatomical and energetic underpinnings of your voice.’ A brief assessment of your voice production in conversational, teaching and chanting voice. An opportunity to identify your own vocal goals and receive individually tailored guidance in achieving these.  Reproducible techniques to find more warmth, clarity, presence, projection, flexibility, power, and endurance in your voice ‘An understanding of the effects of vocal characteristics on your teaching’ A simple & highly effective vocal warm up, that you can reproduce and continue to practice to develop your voice. An experiential understanding of the connections between the chakras and the voice. An introduction to the effects of particular yoga asanas, pranayama, mudras on the voice.


Want to get a ‘vibe’ for the training? Check out our 3 minute ‘taste’ of Intouch Yoga!

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