Interested in yoga teacher training, but not sure how to choose which one? Flo Fenton talks on a podcast for ‘Changing the Face of Yoga’ about the current standards, accreditation and ethical issues behind yoga teacher trainings, and highlights what questions you should be asking and what research you should be doing when making this important and life changing choice.

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Accredited with Yoga Australia

Email your interest! After 12 years of continuous training, these courses are on pause….but stay tuned!

In any given class, most yoga teachers will have at least one student who is working with an injury-yet many teachers have no idea how to modify postures to prevent making things worse, far less how to provide therapeutic sequences.

On this training, Senior Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer and Yoga Therapist Flo Fenton will show you how to clearly categorise what phase of injury students are in, and how to work beneficially in that phase to promote healing. We will look at common injuries and health conditions including back pain, shoulder strain, bulging discs and how to alleviate stress and anxiety.

At the same time, we will strengthen and deepen our own practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

Who Is this Training For?

This training is for you if you have completed your level 1 200 or 350 hours accredited training and want to deepen your skills, broaden your client base, immerse in authentic asana, pranayama and meditation practice, and really understand how to teach yoga for special needs.

This training is for you if you care about quality, integrity and depth of learning, and if you are concerned about how well regarded your teacher and your teacher training is in yoga circles.

What will I Learn or Gain?

If you can be open minded, you will earn an entirely new approach to yoga practice and teaching!

Intouch Yoga Teacher Training will teach you how to work with yoga not just as a physical exercise, but as it was intended, as a way of accessing prana, the life force. This approach enables you to fine tune and greatly enhance not just your own practice, but to make your teaching accessible, beneficial and unique to each individual student.

You will learn how to assess, manage and provide beneficial programs for students with common injuries at every stage of the injury/healing process

You will learn to teach one on one and in groups in a way that is specific to the needs of each individual, which enables you to work with a much broader range of clients-and also makes your work deeply satisfying!

This training is now offered in multiple formats!

• Fully face to face-part time, one day a fortnight (Thursdays)

• Live Online via zoom link up one day a fortnight (Thursdays)

• Flexible online learning (watch pre-recorded sessions in your own time) for up to 11 of 14 training days

“This course will provide you with all the skills, confidence and understanding to create a rewarding career in yoga teaching at a deeper level. Most importantly though, I will share with you knowledge tools and the experience of doing your life in a deeper, more connected, more satisfying way.”-Flo Fenton.

About Flo

Flo Fenton strives to maintain the ancient tradition and culture of yoga so that we can gain and impart all of its benefits, not just at the level of the body but beyond. Flo is a registered yoga therapist, a senior yoga teacher and a teacher trainer. She has amassed a vast array of skills and depth of knowledge gained over thousands of hours of training in yoga teaching and yoga therapy with the giants of yoga, and 25 years of continuous, daily teaching experience. Read more about Flo’s journey and experience here.

The 2021 course will run one roughly day a fortnight (sometimes two weeks on and one week off) on Thursdays 8.30AM-4.30PM, AEST from April -November

The course is approved as a 150 Hour Post Graduate Training Course with Yoga Australia PER MODULE. (Each module account for 150 hours of training which includes documented home practice and homework assignments totaling around 50 hours extra study per module.)


One day a fortnight


  • Foundation principles of Yoga and Definition of Yoga Therapy.
  • Yoga for prevention and management of back pain.
  • Anatomy of the spine and joints.
  • Anatomy and yoga for management of herniated discs.
  • Anatomy and yoga for management of the shoulder joint.
  • Yoga for stress.
  • Ayurvedic approach to health and disease.

You will observe at least one live case study, and begin to work in a one on one yoga setting with fellow students, observing, case taking and designing therapeutic practices for specific needs.

The course requires around 20 hours of documented set home practice and around 30 hours of marked homework assignments to be completed over the 7 month period.



Muscular Skeletal Conditions including:

Anatomy and yoga  for management of:

  • Scoliosis.
  • Arthritis.
  • The knee joint.
  • The neck.
  • The hip joint.
  • The pelvis and sacro-iliac joint.
  • Practice in teaching Pranayama.
  • Anatomy and Physiology of Nervous System.

The course requires around 20 hours of documented set home practice and around 30 hours of marked homework assignments to be completed over the 7-8 month period.

Each module allows the opportunity to combine daily life with an exploration into the world of yoga and spirituality, dedicating ourselves to regular practice, and associating with others who are dedicated to a spiritual path. Our journey becomes a special time of deep personal insight and healing – a once in a life-time experience of growth and change.

The course contains over 50 practice hours, practice teaching, over 40 hours of practical and theory of yoga for individual needs, ayurveda and anatomy of hatha yoga.


Training days  will be held at Intouch Yoga home studio Suffolk Park, close to the beach and shops and are around a half to one hour drive from the Gold Coast, and a 1.5 to two hour drive from Brisbane CBD.

There is also now the option to participate live online via Zoom.


$2,450.00 payable in installments PER MODULE. ($750.00 deposit plus two installments of $850.00, May and August).

Set Texts-Intouch Yoga Teacher Training manual-$60.00

Yoga Therapy 1-Dr N Chandrasekaran-$40.00


A deposit of $750.00 is required to book per module.

Once the deposit is paid, $300.00 of it is non-refundable. If withdrawal occurs after after course commencement,  full fees are due, and are non-refundable.



Unit 8 6 Firewheel Place Suffolk Park


Want to get a ‘vibe’ for the training? Check out our 3 minute ‘taste’ of Intouch Yoga!

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Yoga Training Flo Fenton