Intouch Yoga Training


“Advance Your Yoga Skills”
With Flo Fenton

Do you wish you could upgrade your teaching skills, yoga therapy skills, or simply understand the aspects of yoga more deeply, but don’t have the time or funds for embarking on a teacher training? Then this workshop series is for you!

In 2022, Flo takes a break from 12 years of consecutive level 1 and 2 trainings! During this time, she will share her tips and skills in important areas of teaching and yoga therapy that through her experience she has found teachers lack confidence in.

A series of concise and practical 2 hour workshops, that can be attended live online or receive the recorded workshop to view in your own time.

These workshop are useful for all practitioners, yoga therapists and teachers alike to enhance both personal practice and teaching skills.

  • After each workshop, you will receive:
  • An edited recording of the workshop to download
  • A copy of the power-point notes
  • A CPD certificate for Yoga Australia yoga teachers
  • This workshop allows Yoga Australia members to accrue 2 CPD points per session.


Workshop 6-“Posture Clinic 1-Forward Bends”

DATE: Saturday Sept 10th 2-4PM SYDNEY time

In these Posture Clinics, we deconstruct each major group of asanas and answer questions such as;

  • What are the categories of forward bends?
  • What is the function of these postures in healthy body movement?
  • What limits us in these movements?
  • Which forward bends are easiest and which are hardest?
  • Where should we begin with forward bending movements, and how should we progress?
  • What is the effect of gravity on the various forward bends?
  • How can we use props and modifications of postures to make forward bends safer and more easeful?


Workshop 7-“The Art of Therapeutic Sequencing”

DATE: Saturday 22nd Oct 2-4pm SYDNEY TIME

Make your sequencing clear and effective by understanding how to create a clear goal, choose the correct postures to nail the goal, and how to best warm up for and cool down from your chosen goal postures.

This workshop will sharpen all sequencing skills, but is especially effective for those wanting to create targeted, therapeutic sequences in a one on one, themed class, or workshop setting.

This event is live online, but if you can’t attend live, you will receive the edited workshop recording, Powerpoint notes and CPD certificate post workshop.

A zoom link to attend live will be sent to you on registration, and in reminder emails leading up to the event.



$25.00 per workshop

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Please have your yoga equipment with you as there will be some practical elements to the workshops, as well as writing materials.


To receive the recorded session, Powerpoint notes and CPD cert of past workshops, just email me-cost $25.00 per workshop!

Workshop 1-“Tips on Teaching Pranayama

Are you confused about how to begin, sequence and progress pranayama? What about kumbhakas? What is the role of the bandhas? Learn intelligent steps of sequencing pranayama and more from senior yoga trainer Flo Fenton.

In this two hour session, you will learn:

The principles and benefits of pranayama

The Categories of pranayama and how to use them for specific effects

The most important pranayamas and why

The role of bandhas

How to introduce and how to safely progress in pranayama

Postures to use with pranayama and bandha

Workshop 2-“How to Teach and Practice Classical Yoga Nidra”

How does yoga nidra work, and what are the ‘rules’ of yoga nidra?

In this workshop, learn the things that must be included, and the things that are optional, for yoga nidra to have it’s intended, deep effect on the psyche, as well as tips on delivering appropriate yoga nidras to beginners, those with mental health issues etc.

Workshop 3-“More on Bandha and Mudra”

Go deeper into your understanding of how and why to use and teach these subtle, yet profound and oft misunderstood, yogic tools.

What are bandhas, what is their purpose, and how should they be applied?

What is the order of teaching/practicing bandhas?

How can bandhas be applied during asana, and during pranayama?

What are mudras, and what are their effects?

What are some simple mudras that can be used to enhance our yoga classes/practice

A short practice to experience how to use and apply mudra and bandha will form a part of this session.

Workshop 4-“Tips on Building Core Strength”

What does ‘core strength’ mean-and what are the steps towards achieving it? How do we recover core strength after injury?

For teachers and practitioners. Learn the steps towards safely building lasting core strength.

Workshop 5-“Injury Prevention and Management in Yoga”

What do you do if a student comes to class with an injury? Is it different if it is long term, as opposed to recent? What can we offer as teachers (or do ourselves as practitioners) to not only avoid aggravating, but to support and enhance the healing process at any stage of injury?

Flo Fenton will provide clear tools on how to;

Identify the stage of an injury

Work within each stage with static or dynamic, weight bearing or non weight bearing postures

Break down key postures to suit each stage

Construct step by step sequences to progress towards full functionality.