Want to take your practice up a notch? In these rarely offered intermediate to advanced level vinyasa classes, we will focus on building a stronger pranayama and asana practice. Each class will have a different focus or goal. Flo will share tips on how to prepare for and ultimately achieve the more challenging postures such as standing and arm balances, deeper backbends, and more advanced inversions.

Flo’s focus is on tuning into the breath, combining breath and movement, working without strain, and gradually building ease of movement and strength through correct technique. This approach greatly enhances the benefits of the practice, providing not just better health, but a deepened state of self-awareness, and peace of mind whilst also avoiding injury.

Because Flo’s expertise lies in paring back the unnecessary additions that are often added to the practice, you will understand the true foundation of each technique offered.

Equipment provided.



Tuesdays -March 10th-April 14th- 5.30pm-7pm

This set of Masterclasses focuses on the Pancha Mahahutas-the 5 great elements that are part of the yogic understanding of how everything works, from our bodies and health to the way the universe is put together! Each class will focus on a different element, showcasing asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra practice designed to enhance the power of this element within.

These classes suit practitioners who have been attending classes consistently for a minimum of 2 years. We will be using intermediate and some advanced asana techniques.

Class 1-Tuesday March 10th Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on  the EARTH element. Earth has the qualities of strength, stamina, solidity and groundedness. Our practice will enhance and focus on these qualitites with using strengthening postures, standing postures, mantra and pranayama.

Class 2-Tuesday March 17th-Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on the WATER elemetn. Water has the qualities of mobility, fluidity, softness and cleansing. Our practice will focus on forward bends, softening postures and pranayama and visualisation to bring clarity and insight-and the essence of surrender and dissolution.

Class 3-Tuesday March 24th- Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on the FIRE element. Fire is about transformation and burning away the old. We will focus on abdominal strength and specific pranayamas to building agni, the fire element within.

Class 4-Tuesday March 31st-Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on the AIR element. Air is about lightness of being. We will focus on balances and inversions and specific pranayamas and meditations to bring the quality of lightness into our being.

Class 5-Tuesday April 7th- Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on the ETHER element. Ether is about space-and the unknowable. We will focus on asana and pranayama practices which take us into the subtle plane of awareness.

Class 6-Tuesday April 14th-Dynamic Vinyasa focusing on cleansing and balancing all of the 5 great elements, with a complete and varied practice of asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation

Suffolk Park Hall, cnr Clifford and Alcorn Sts Suffolk Park. No booking required-see map below.


$22 – Drop in rate
$120 for all 6 classes

$108-Early Bird-payment before March 2nd.

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Suffolk Park Community Hall

Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
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Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton
Yoga Classes Flo Fenton